The Polygraph, commonly known as a “lie detector” is a relatively new concept on the South African Market. However, it has already earned its rightful place in first world countries. It is gaining greater popularity and recognition every minute of the day.

The operation of the polygraph technique depends on a human phenomenon which was first discovered in the 1920’s, and that is the direct relation between a physiological stimulation – some condition perceived by the mind – and a physiological reaction, a condition manifested by the body. As an example, if you recall an experience where something frightened the wits out of you, you may recall feeling a cold chill, a cold sweat, or a general quavering of the muscles. These symptoms were caused by the danger you mind perceived.

If someone asks you a question about some wrongful conduct which you have in fact committed, you cannot help but remember what you have done. If you admit it you are inviting punishment. If you deny it, knowing that you are lying, you risk getting caught. During a polygraph test, the risk is that your body will give you away.