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Forensic Investigations

LieTech Polygraph & Forensic Services also boasts the services of a dedicated team of forensic investigators with a sterling track record.

Our team can handle any type of investigation, regardless of magnitude. Whether it entails the tracing of individuals or stolen goods and other assets (and the recovery thereof), or an elaborate fraud investigation, no assignment is either too big or too small. In most cases, we make use of state of the art technology in conjunction with our superb investigation network to contribute to our success stories.

As an “ear to the ground” additional service to our valued clients, we also make use of undercover operatives to identify possible crime syndicates and individuals involved in the same in the working environment. Here we can keep the employer  informed of any looming labour unrest, planned criminal activities.

We can assist our clients with these services commencing with the taking of the first
affidavit, doing the initial investigation, identification and apprehension of suspects, overseeing and assisting with any follow-up investigation, and liaison with police, prosecutors, and other legal advisors to ensure a successful prosecution.

Verification of qualifications & driver’s licences

We can assist our clients with these services.

Polygraph Screening Services

Polygraph Screenings uncover truths that normal employment screening methods can't detect. These include theft, fraud, corruption, bribery, and other crimes.

Criminal & Credit Background Checks

We are able to do verified criminal and credit background checks on current and prospective employees at the clients’ premises or at our offices.