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CCMA & Polygraph Testing

Require Internationally Accredited Polygraph Screening Services?

We offer pre-employment, routine & specific polygraph screening tests.
Criminal & Credit Background Checks

Are your criminal & credit checks still valid?

Do you need a SACE Police Clearance Report?

The International Polygraph Studies Center

Enroll for world-class basic & advanced training.

Polygraph Screening Services

Polygraph Screenings uncover truths that normal employment screening methods can't detect. These include theft, fraud, corruption, bribery, and other crimes.

Forensic Investigations & Asset Recoveries

LieTech Forensic Services also boasts with a dedicated team of forensic investigators that have a sterling track record. Our team can handle any type of investigation, regardless of magnitude.

Criminal & Credit Checks / SACE Police Clearance

We are able to do verified criminal and credit background checks on current and prospective employees at the clients’ premises or at our offices.

Welcome to LieTech

We are constantly in pursuit of the truth and we deliver it, too!
Combined, our examiners have more than 50 000 hours of polygraph testing experience.

They have been instrumental in solving countless crimes including murders, robberies, cash in transit heists, farm attacks, hijackings, theft, fraud, industrial espionage, sexual harassment, hate speech, corruption, and crimes and/or misconducts across various industries.

Why Uses Us

The Answer is, “Why Not?”

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LieTech’s polygraph examiners and associates all received basic and continued training accredited by the American Polygraph Association and are all members of the Southern African Polygraph Federation.


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