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Can you beat it?

Just by spending a little time surfing the net, one could find a host of hints on how to beat the polygraph, and every competent polygraph examiner is also aware of them.

Anyone following any advice on how to beat the polygraph would certainly be doing so to his or her own detriment.

It has to be borne in mind that the polygraph measures changes in the autonomic nervous system: irrespective of whether the examinee had taken any form of drug, the polygraph would nevertheless prove its rightful place in our crime-ridden society. Truthful people never try any stunts in order to try and beat the polygraph, and therefore it makes it easier for any polygraph examiner to distinguish between a truthful person and a fraud.

One is not to lose sight of the fact that any person being subjected to a polygraph test is doing so voluntarily, and even signs a written consent to the same effect.

There are only two real hints on how to beat the polygraph : either tell the truth…., or don’t take it at all.

Watch the video below to find out

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