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Who should use it?

The potential application of the polygraph is astonishingly far and wide.

Virtually anyone in any position and/or in any situation can participate in a polygraph examination.

This includes:

  • Personnel about to be appointed to senior positions (better know as personnel screening)
  • Person(s) suspected of committing certain crimes / misconducts
  • Insurance companies – prevention of insurance fraud
  • Shops / Factories – loss of stock / material / equipment / money…
  • Business concerns – departmental investigations
  • Transport companies – damage to and / or loss of cargo / vehicles / cash
  • Banks – for a variety of reasons
  • Security companies – investigating loss of firearms, possible ‘inside jobs’ pertaining to certain armed robberies, burglaries and other related crimes
  • Domestic – partners being accused of adultery, relatives / friends accused of child neglect / abuse / maintenance claims
  • Anyone else seeking the truth about a specific issue
  • Anyone wishing to prove his / her innocence regarding a specific matter.

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