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Why we don’t recommend Voice Stress Analysis?

LieTech neither practices nor endorses Computerized Voice-Stress Analysis, Layered Voice-Stress Analysis and / or Voice-Stress Analysis by any other name.

Polygraph testing should not be confused with Voice Stress Analysis. Due to the fact that independent studies have yielded that it is “almost as accurate as flipping a coin”, Lietech and its members prefer not to be associated with this type of practice in any form. Voice Stress Analysis is also not being accepted by the CCMA.

For more information in this regard, feel free to browse through the following:

  1. Current research and legislation regarding >
  2. Relevant research on voice stress validity >
  3. The Virginia Department of Occupational Professionalism and Regulation recently prepared a report on voice stress. This document was pivotal in the decision by the Virginia State Legislature to disallow the use of computer voice stress analyzers in criminal investigations. For more information visit >

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