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How accurate is it?

How Accurate is a Polygraph?

Well, let us compare some notes here. How accurate is a sniper rifle? How Accurate is a bow and arrow? How accurate is that sniper rifle in the hands of a Bushman, who grew up using a bow and arrow? How accurate is that bow and arrow in the hands of a sniper? Man and machine has to become one, just like the legendary Elton John and his piano.

Even with constant improvement, a general principle of science is that we may never know everything about the universe. Hence, the task of learning and increasing our knowledge and technology will never come to an end.

The most effective polygraph techniques and equipment can provide accuracy in the mid 90 percentages when conducted by an experienced and competent professional who has the necessary internationally recognized credentials.

Having stood the test of time for almost a century and having evolved from using analogue to digital polygraph equipment , there is still no better means to distinguish between truth and deception.

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